Off Minor: Psychology in Brisbane

If you are looking for a psychologist in Brisbane, A Life Logic is the perfect  place. All of their practitioners are recognised by the Australian Psychology Society, so you are sure you are dealing with a competent clinical psychologist

A Life Logic is a psychologist in brisbane that has a team of well trained and qualified clinical psychologists who will help you, a friend or family improve as well as recover from any mental health illness.

Here is a spiel of A Life Logic that we found:

In a very unpredictable fast moving world, it is becoming harder and harder for the human mind to adapt to its ever changing environment.

Mental health problems have been in the rise in the recent years, with more adults and children experiencing mental health issues.

You may be asking yourself, “but mental health problems are easily noticed?”

Well, not really.

You see mental problems mostly are barely noticeable. So it is difficult for person a not trained in the psychology of the mind to even notice slight behaviour variations.

And you know most people prefer to hide their problems from others, hence they will mask their true feelings with happy faces and more or less charming behaviour.

So it can be difficult for you to notice people with; depression, phobias, anxiety, panic attacks, anger or personality disorders.

They are also not violent or unstable as most people are accustomed to believe. In fact, a very few percentage of people with mental health problems, below 5%, will act in any violent manner or behaviour. In most cases they are the vulnerable ones and end up actually being the victims of violent acts.

Our main aim is to help all our patients overcome their treatable mental health problems and, live a fruitful, prosperous and happy life.

How A Life Logic helps patients

First of all you can’t treat a problem without knowing what it is. So before any treatment begins, diagnosis of the mental health problem has to be done.

This helps us assess the mental problem and makes it easier for treatment to be performed.

It doesn’t end there. An important assessment of what caused the mental problem in the first place will be performed also. Remember different mental health problems have different causes.

A Life Logic then determine whether the problem was caused by a brain injury, a disease (mostly chronic ones), brain chemistry, abuse, anger, stress, drugs, disability and so on.

From there, now A Life Logic as professionals determine the best method for treatment that will be most appropriate.

Again keep in mind every mental health problem is solved in a unique way.

All this will be determined through a series of private sessions – one is not enough to determine everything, at least not for a competent clinical psychologist.

What kind of mental health problems do A Life Logic treat
Honestly they are many and all have different treatment methods.

In our years of practice A Life Logic have noticed that the following mental health problems were more frequent than others.

  • Depression
  • Personality disorders
  • Drugs
  • Phobias
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Anger

These are just a few of them, there are many other mental health problems. And like I said they have different causes and origins.

So what really causes these mental health problems?

Some of the causes mental health problems are:

Brain chemistry, biological influences like genes

Diseases like cancer, diabetes,

Family, inherited mental health problems

Life events and experiences, being one of the major causes.

How life events affect a person’s mental health

I started by saying that this life is unpredictable and ever changing right? The state of mental health in Brisbane has become a serious issue.

So it is correct to assume that you have had many experiences in life through your life and the events/experiences in themselves have shaped who you are right now.

Events like death of a loved one, loss of job or possessions, divorce, loneliness and childhood experiences have a huge impact on a person’s mental health. With many of them having a negative impact on a person.

Childhood experiences are also a common cause of some mental health problems. Not necessary abuse but simple events no matter how small and insignificant.

That’s why A Life Logic have child psychologists in our team of experts. They can help a child overcome and pass successfully through the unfamiliar stages they go as they grow into responsible adults.

How does a psychologist help a child with a mental health problem?

Depending on what caused the mental health problem in the first place treatment can be done.

Also keep in mind a child is not like a adult, so the treatment approach will not be similar to the one of an adult. They have different wants and needs which should be put into consideration.

Our child psychologists are caring, sympathetic and very understanding.

They know how to treat children with different mental health issues. And understand how the mind of a child works.

Although it is inevitable that you the parent or a guardian to be directly involved in the treatment process until the child recovers.

The treatment methods A Life Logic use
Some decades ago psychological issues were treated in a way A Life Logic can call “guess work.” Few proven methods were used at the time. But after decades of research and successes, many methods are used and have proven to useful as well as effective.

Main methods are:

Psychological therapy. This is the widely used methods by psychology practitioners worldwide. And this is due to its effectiveness.

Community support programs. Treating patients doesn’t mean isolating them. Bringing them closer to the communities they are familiar with, helps the treatment process become more effective and quicker.

Medication. Some patients will need medication either for a period of time or regularly. This can either help calm their nerves or reduce brain activity.
What are chances of a patient suffering from a mental health problem recovering?

Unlike what many individuals are made to believe, mental health issues are quite treatable. And many patients actually recover completely.

Remember it has taken decades of research and, successes and failures that have led to this point where psychologists know so much about the human mind than ever before in history of psychology.

And even if that is not enough, there are now many treatment methods, which are very effective, that makes it almost certain that a patient will recover and continue with their normal live just like everybody else.

So now you know what causes mental illnesses, how to diagnose them and their treatment. Don’t believe all the myths out there. Mental illnesses are very treatable and at a very affordable price.

A Life Logic gives utmost attention to every client to ensure full recovery from the illness. We understand that these mental health problems are not self inflicted and A Life Logic offer individuals a chance to better themselves and the people around them.

Don’t let a loved one or you live with mental health problems, no matter how small, thinking they are untreatable.

Please click on the video link in this post to see how to recognise if a loved on or even you may be suffering from a certain mental illness.